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GNU page about GnuRadio (not always up to date)

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GNURadio Europe
This website is meant as a central place for European GnuRadio, Software Defined Radio and USRP users. Here you can find Dutch, German and English GnuRadio user forums and example scripts and applications witch extensive explanations and feedback.

GNU Radio installation
Download latest GnuRadio sourcecode

Presentation GnuRadio, Software Defined Radio voor iedereen (Dutch):

This site in Dutch:
Olifantasia nl

Dutch GnuRadio communitysite:

USRP, GNU Radio hardware
Information USRP and RF-frontends (Specifications, schematics, pcb layout, datasheets, prices) usrp_prijzen_en_eigenschappen

Order an USRP
USRP prices and descriptions

Of-The-Air captured signals (OTA). (Use Gnuradio without and USRP using this captured files)

GnuRadio examples with explanation. The GNURadio novice experimenters website.

GnuRadio applications and uses.

A number of my own GnuRadio documents, examples, code, experiments and other downloads
GPGPU, GnuRadio op de videokaart

Websites of other GNU Radio users, with code and screenshots of experimenten and applications

Articles about GnuRadio

GNU Radio: Tools for Exploring the Radio Frequency Spectrum
Listening to FM Radio in Software, Step by Step
Something GNU in Radio
USRP announced on Slashdot

Licence Free Frequencies

Passive Radar: "How to build your own (Passive) Radar station"

Suggested Readings and other resources

Use Gnuradio as a Vector Network analyzer
Archive of old VNA pages

GPGPU, run GnuRadio on your videocard
Note that the url of the (old) svn server has changed from to
To check out the gpgpu code use:
svn co

GNU Radio at government and university laboratories

Links to more GnuRadio information (static version of this page)

Part of this list is based on Jonathan Jacky's list and Matt Ettus' list