OpenBTS Desktop Development Kit available

We can ship complete OpenBTS Desktop Development Kits.
These kits contain all hardware you need for running a GSM basestation (OpenBTS) from your Desktop. Our kits contain a GPS-synced precise 10 MHz referenceclock. Due to the GPS sync, these systems are continuously automatically calibrated. This results in very precise frequencies which are important for the correct working of a GSM network. (If the frequency of a basestation is too far off, most cellphones will reject and ignore the basestation)

Our most popular systems at the moment are the U210SWBX-CTGPS-K1, U210SSBX-CTGPS-P1, U210SWBX-GPSDO-N1 and U210SSBX-GPSDO-O1.

You get a few test SIM cards and a bootable 16 GB USB3 flashdrive with you system which contains ubuntu linux + OpenBTS + gnuradio and all required software installed.
The only thing you need to add is a standard PC. Boot from this flashdrive with a standard PC, and OpenBTS is ready to run. You can configure all aspects: Which GSM band and ARFCN channel to use,which IMSI numbers to accept and what phonenumbers they should get, and so on.
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ClockTamer is a low-cost small-size configurable clock generator. It is was specifically designed to be used as a prefice referenceclock for USRP, but nothing prevents you from using it with other device of your choice.

ClockTamer is an Open-Source Software and an Open-Source Hardware (OSH) project. All schematics, bill of materials and components placement are published at the ClockTamer project web-site.

Olifantasia is the official European Clocktamer distributor.
Please Contact us if you want to buy a Clocktamer.